Training For Small Business Mentors

small business mentors coaching skills trainingSmall business mentors play a key role as micro-enterprise and small business ownership becomes a viable solution for many people including those moving from poverty into independence. Small business mentors are often the first ray of hope and support for those fearless and motivated enough to strike out on their own. Whether these are “mom and pop” companies building a future for their families or small business companies hoping to grow larger, the tactical business skills you teach are critical. As small business mentors working with these new entrepreneurs, you have the business knowledge and tools to help them launch.  However, more often than not,  the biggest barriers to long term success actually lie in the beliefs, attitudes and life and soft skill deficits of many of the people you may be trying to help.

In order to support success, Monday Best can help small business mentors understand how thinking drives behavior and how coaching can help create success to those attempting to move into the world of business ownership.

By developing coaching skills, small business mentors can dramatically impact the lives of people as they navigate the new world of business development and accountability. Our training workshops are build on an evidence-based foundation of both cognitive behavioral theory and coaching techniques that have been proven effective in many settings. These programs can help your agency support these new entrepreneurs as they make their biggest lifestyle change in moving forward – building a successful business!

Core Training Program:


This three module workshop will help small business mentors, counselors and volunteer workers connect with the internal barriers and business “soft skill” deficits that defeat many people as they struggle to create lasting momentum towards their goals. It will also teach effective, evidence based coaching skills that can be used to help guide these hopeful entrepreneurs as they move toward sustainable success in their business ventures.


  • How belief systems drive success or chronic failure
  • How internal and external non-business factors can derail success
  • Coaching techniques to uncover barriers
  • Coaching techniques to drive accountability and action!

Two Day Workshop:  (Contact Us to schedule)

 Additional Workshops:


Sometimes the hardest conversations are the ones you wish you had tackled early on. As a mentor, your honesty and courage may be the difference between your client’s success or failure. Learn how to tackle difficult topics without losing your client’s trust and confidence!


  • Keys to gaining confidence and “access”
  • How to address really sensitive topics
  • Regaining traction in an angry exchange

One Day Workshop:  (Contact Us to schedule)



*Minimum of 20 people for 2 day workshops/Minimum of 25 people for 1 day workshops.