Training for Re-Entry Specialists

Re-Entry Specialists Coaching Skills TrainingRe-Entry Specialists are in a key position to help people who have either been incar-cerated or are on probation. Your guidance is critical for people transitioning  back into the workforce and into positive and productive lifestyles. While numerous studies have confirmed that the key to lowering recidivism is full employment, the ultimate goal is not just to help them get jobs, but to help them keep jobs long enough to reach long term success.

Supporting people in reentry often focuses on helping them overcome the external barriers to employment that they will face. While this is important, the biggest barriers to long term success are actually the internal beliefs, attitudes and soft skill deficits that can quickly surface and short circuit their best efforts.

Monday Best can help Re-Entry Specialists understand how thinking drives behavior and how coaching can help create success in reentry.

By developing coaching skills,  you can dramatically impact the lives of offenders and ex-offenders as they learn new skills that will get them out of persistent poverty, lower their chances of recidivism and help them move forward to success.  Our training workshops are built on an evidence-based foundation of both cognitive behavioral theory and coaching techniques that have been proven effective in criminal justice settings. This programs can help your agency effectively support people in reentry as they move into full independence!

Core Training Program:


Creating Re-Entry Success

This  workshop will help Re-Entry Specialists connect with the internal barriers and soft skill deficits that defeat many offenders and ex-offenders. It will also teach effective, evidence based coaching skills that you can use to help offenders and ex-offenders move toward sustainable success whether they are pursuing regular employment, subsidized employment or engaging in work experience programs.


  • Gain insight into how thoughts and beliefs impact workforce attachment
  • Learn evidence based coaching techniques
  •  Discover key soft/life skills for long term success

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Additional Workshops:

RebrandRe-Branding for Re-Entry

Personal branding is a marketing strategy used by companies and professionals but rarely applied to the re-entry population. Learn how to help disadvantaged job seekers “re-launch” their brand after years of limited success. This workshop combines the cognitive approach with the tactical to create a winning strategy for helping disadvantaged job seekers gain the confidence and skills they need to be successful.

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