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JIST Partners with Monday Best to Provide Training to California Workforce Agencies

ST. PAUL, Minn. (September 1, 2015) – JIST Career Solutions and Monday Best Coaching and Consulting, Inc., have partnered to deliver professional development training for workforce staff, executives and workforce investment board members throughout California.

This collaboration is indicative of JIST and Monday Best’s commitment to provide high-quality, cost-effective training to workforce agencies and other partners affiliated with the recently developed California Workforce Association Training Institute (CWATI). The CWATI was created to increase the capacity of the workforce system and better serve California-based businesses and job seekers.

Both JIST and Monday Best specialize in providing educational solutions to public agencies, institutions and non-profit organizations that focus on improving workforce participation across a diverse group of individuals with varying needs and entry issues. Together, JIST and Monday Best offer agencies and partners affiliated with the CWATI the opportunity to participate in the following training workshops:

  • Beyond the Safety Net: Uncovering Motivation in Welfare-to-Work
  • Military-to-Civilian Transition, Employing Our Veterans
  • The New “Hard to Serve”: Helping Mature, Skilled, Professional Workers
  • Coaching Skills for Employment Staff
  • Quick Job Search for General Populations
  • Resume Development for Any Background
  • Supporting Jobseekers in Soft Skill Development
  • “Having the Talk”: Critical Soft Skills Conversations
  • Customer Service Skills for Workforce Agency Staff
  • Dealing with Difficult Customers
  • Engaging Employers in Workforce Development Re-Entry Programs

Andrea Brown, the founder and principle trainer at Monday Best, said, “Our training courses are designed to provide workforce professionals with the insights, coaching skills and technical knowledge needed to drive success, particularly for job seekers who are re-entering the workforce from difficult backgrounds. With JIST’s resources, workforce professionals in California will have access to the best published educational materials available to support all re-entry populations. Through the training spearheaded by Monday Best, they will be able to leverage those resources by learning the most successful, evidence-based coaching techniques, assessment approaches and placement strategies for helping job seekers.”

Steven Olinger, the manager of government and distributor programs at JIST, expressed his excitement in being selected to participate in this important training and development initiative. “Helping citizens, especially the difficult to employ, find sustainable employment faster is paramount. JIST and Monday Best are ready to deliver training sessions designed to equip workforce professionals with the right mix of resources to serve their clients in the best way possible.”

About JIST Career Solutions

JIST is a division of New Mountain Learning. For more than 30 years, JIST’s products have helped millions of people plan their educations and careers, find jobs and succeed in the world of work. Founded in 1981, JIST is one of the nation’s leading providers of print and digital career development solutions, including assessments, workbooks, videos, reference titles and more. These learning solutions are widely used throughout the workforce development, K-12 and post-secondary markets. Visit for more information.

About Monday Best Coaching and Consulting, Inc.

Monday Best is an independent training and workforce consulting company, founded in 2009. Monday Best provides workshops on professional development and coaching skills to workforce development, human services and correctional organizations throughout California. Monday Best provides training programs that cover essential employment development techniques and strategies, as well as contemporary and evidence-based approaches to supporting populations that face challenges entering the workforce.

About California Workforce Association Training Institute

The California Workforce Association (CWA), in order to better fulfill its mission of supporting the local workforce system, has brought to life the CWA Training Institute (CWATI). The intention of CWATI is to house the best training for workforce staff and executives, as well as workforce investment board members, to build the capacity of the workforce system to better serve businesses and job seekers. For more information, visit