How are those GOALS coming? Humm??

Setting GoalsLast month in “Get Your Ducks in A Row” we explored getting an early start on goal setting in order to build excitement and momentum for the coming year. An early start also gives you time to prepare all the things you need in order to be successful.

But what if you still haven’t started? Relax – you are not alone!

As we approach the end of the year, time literally evaporates into a world wind of holiday activities, year-end reports and worries about just about anything you can imagine. Not having the focus to “focus” on goals is not an unusual thing. Procrastination often shows up about now and camps until the frantic New Year’s Eve race to jot down a few resolutions. We know we will have to answer the inevitable question that will be asked by friends and family: “Did you set your New Year’s Resolutions?”

As you consider your plans for next year, here are some additional thoughts about vision and creating a sense of positive movement into the next year.

Goals give us Purpose: Whether they are formally written down or just a clear sense of where we are going in our hearts, goals are essential for a happy and fulfilling life. While we may not think about it this way – almost everything good in our lives right now is the result of focused and positive movement. Everything that fills our lives with satisfaction is something that was once just an “idea” that we moved forcefully toward. Finishing school, getting jobs, buying houses are not things that happened by accident. We may not have called them “goals” but on some level that’s what they were – – a clear destination filled with positive expectation. In fact, the challenges we overcame to achieve them we now actually gloat over with more than a little pride. On some level we know and gladly embrace that anything worth having is worth hard work and sacrifice.

No Goals give us Apathy: Then there is the dark side. Having no focus and no positive expectations. Living aimlessly. Wandering from moment to moment without any sense of purpose. This is not our natural state. Chances are good that if you know or work with people who are like this, you can probably attest to the corrosive affect this has had on their lives. As human being, we are purpose driven creatures and this type of outlook on life can be extremely toxic. When we have nothing meaningful to strive for, our whole system slowly goes off line physically, mentally and spiritually. Many of us who work in social services see evidence of this every day in the destructive lives of some of the people we are trying to help. This makes it even more important that we recognize how a positive focus is critical in our own lives.

So now that I’ve scared you to death, why not get to work on those goals!

One really good one is enough for now as long as it’s something that POWERS you! As the holidays pick up steam, keep in mind that the world is a place filled with hope, challenge and opportunity. Look forward with joy and don’t just make 2015 a “good year” – make it a trailblazing one!

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