Training Financial Literacy Coaches

istock financial literacy coachFinancial literacy programs supporting low income families can make a dramatic difference in the lives of people. Whether they are transitioning off welfare, struggling in low income jobs or simply entering work for the first time, basic financial literacy education is critical for long term success.  As financial literacy coaches , your first reflex may be to focus on basic money management skills. While these strategies are important, the biggest barriers to long term success may actually lie in the beliefs, attitudes and life skill deficits of the people you are trying to help.

Monday Best can help financial literacy coaches understand how thinking drives behavior and how coaching can help create success in people attempting to move into the world of effective money management.

By developing coaching skills,  you can dramatically impact the lives of people as they learn new money management skills that will get them out of persistent poverty and moving forward to success.  Our training workshops are built on an evidence-based foundation of both cognitive behavioral theory and coaching techniques that have been proven effective in social services. These programs can help your agency effectively support families as they move into full independence!

Core Training Program:


You are already an expert in financial planning and helping clients succeed means providing great guidance in many technical areas. But are you covering ALL the bases in helping your clients create sustainable success ? This workshop explores the power of “coaching” and targets four key areas that can bridge the gap between success and continued financial failure:
  • How different “belief systems” impact outcomes
  • How internal and external non-financial factors can derail success
  • Coaching techniques to uncover barriers
  • Coaching techniques to drive accountability and action!
  • WORKSHOP DURATION: 2 Days – Flexible Scheduling

Additional Training Workshops:


Sometimes the hardest conversations are the ones you wish you had tackled early on. As a coach or mentor, your honesty and courage may be the difference between your client’s success or failure. Regardless of the topic, learn how to tackle difficult conversations without losing your client’s trust and confidence:
istock busted piggy bank
  • Keys to gaining confidence and “access”
  • How to address really sensitive topics!
  • Regaining traction in an angry exchange
  • ….and more!