Customer Service Workshops for Public Agencies

We know that meeting the needs of your clients and customers requires a continuous effort in professional development in your teams. So what training solution will match your specific needs?

Customer service is a growing concern in many public agencies as the need for services continues to grow. Being effective means being able to meet the needs of the public efficiently with courtesy and professionalism. Our customer service training workshops are fully customized to take into account:

  • Specific work groups and their professional backgrounds
  • The level of  experience in your current team
  • The level of  experience in your current team
  • New client populations that you are serving that come with special challenges

Here are a sampling of the one-day workshops we can  provide:

  • Customer Service Skills for Public Agency Staff
  • Telephone Skills for Effective Service
  • Helping Difficult Customers in Public Service

We can also provide customized training to meet your special needs!

Contact us today to discuss how you would like to take your team to the next level!