Sulk and Stay Poor


True or False: Poor people stay poor because they don’t have money.  Most people as a reflex response would say “true” without even thinking about it.  But the real truth is that poverty of the mind will trump poverty of the purse every time. Long before Anthony Robbins and “The Secret”, there was Napoleon Hill, […]

Mind Like A Steel Trap

Think Bigger Concept

When it comes to driving towards break through success, having a “mind like a steel trap” can be a really good thing….or not! Yes. It’s important to have tenacity and focus but too much can actually work against you. Remember the story about the man stranded in the middle of the ocean with nothing but […]

Let’s Get Uncomfortable!

Moving on up!

The truth about personal transformation is this: “If it’s not challenging you – it’s not changing you.” This is true for our disadvantaged clients and it’s true for us as growing professionals. Growth requires stress! In the fitness realm, unfit bodies require tremendous effort and flat-out discomfort in order to reach a level of peak […]

Are You Sick of Your Clients?

sad businesswoman

Let me guess….there was once a time that you felt you had endless capacity to help people. You had patience, ideas and resources. Once upon a time you actually had enthusiasm about being in the human services industry. So what happened? Now you find your mind wandering during case management meetings as you hear what […]

Re-Boot a Bad Day: 5 Tips to Get Back on Track!

Re-Boot A Bad Day

Have you ever noticed that once the productivity train “derails” it takes a lot of effort to get your day back on track? Have you ever lost a whole day because things got off to a bad start? Does it sometimes feel like you start the day in good faith only to be set upon […]

Career Lottery

Career success begins with a winning mindset

Do you know any “success resistant” people?  You know the ones – – no matter what great things happen in their lives to create opportunities for them to succeed, they always seen to find a way fail!  Over and over again they end up back in the same sad movie that they have  been starring […]

It’s Monday…

Monday Morning

….AGAIN!  Do you find that the minute you get this thought on Sunday afternoon you start that rapid descent into a mild depression that slowly corrodes the rest of the day?  Depending upon how much stress you are under either at work or looking for work, the “tomorrow is Monday” trigger can start as early […]