Sabotage in Five Easy Steps


Have you ever seen someone that you believed was truly committed to change get opportunity after opportunity and then systematically “blow” them? It’s not that hard to understand once you see how the mind tries to deal with changes that the heart has not embraced. Last week we talked about the disconnect between two beliefs […]

Failed Again! Big Surprise?


If there is one thing that the human mind cannot tolerate – it is disorder. The human mind demands order. It frankly does not care what form this sense of order takes – it just needs to be consistent with the core belief system that gives structure and makes sense of the human experience. Beliefs […]

Client or Customer?

Service Please

Over the past decade, the term “client” has begun to disappear from the lexicon of social work most likely because of the baggage of judgment and disapproval it seemed to bring. But does the designation “customer” really work? As we struggle to move people into the workforce and into self-sufficiency, does “customer” really communicate the […]

How to Re-Invent Yourself (Part Two)


Houston, we are ready for launch! Last week we talked about why you might want to reinvent yourself, so this week we will conclude with some key steps to take in order to get you on your way to having the life you deserve instead of the one that you thought you were stuck with: […]

Time To Re-Invent Yourself (Part One)

future and past

Steven Covey the famous author and speaker had some really good advice. He said, “Live out of your imagination – not your history.” This is a critical insight for a species that tends to migrate to “conformity” as opposed to “adventure”. Before the 20th century, this was probably a totally outlandish idea, but with the […]

Peep Watch! Part Two: 5 Tips for Surviving Peer Pressure

Colorful hands prints

So what if it’s true and we actually are the average of our five closest comrades? As we discussed in last week’s blog, separating from the herd isn’t always as easy as we would like to think, but it’s definitely possible. If your “five” are all heading in a powerful and positive direction and share […]

Peep Watch: Check Your Five ! (Part One)


Jim Rohn, a famous motivational speaker, once said that we are destined to be the average of the five people that we hang around with the most. That means that if we’re not satisfied with the way our lives are trending, then we should check our “five”. This actually makes sense because humans are very […]

Claim it and Re-Frame It!


Re-Framing is the key to success. More than goal setting. More than affirmations. More than visualization. This is the one true “power tool” that your success arsenal must have in order for you to reach your highest levels of achievement. Thomas Edison is said to have failed a thousand times in his attempts to make […]

3 Reasons Why Work is Good for You

Love My Job

It’s Monday morning and guess what!? You don’t have to work – you GET to work! No matter how much we complain about the whole idea of labor, work plays an important role in the human experience and psyche. For most of us who are used to working for a living, all that we need […]

Stop Hating Your Job!

istock angry woman

  Remember when you got this cool job?  How excited you were at the opportunity and potential for grown both personally and professionally?  All new roads seem to lead to bliss and glory but like any other relationship, the excitement does give way to routine and let’s face it – – you wake up one […]